1. Name:



2. Location:

Office of Catholic Business Executives Group of Thailand 57 Oriental Lane, Charoenkrung Road (Charoenkrung 40) Bangrak Bangkok Tel. 0-2630-7711, 0-2234-1730 Fax. 0-2234-1730


3. Background:

At present, the international and local Churches are both promoting the campaign of “Evangelization 2000” for the recover and remind of the responsibility of being Christian of the Church.

Archbishop of the Bangkok Archdiocese has announced of this campaign since January 6, 1991 and all the Laity Organization of the Bangkok Archdiocese has been supporting this policy by initiating various projects and activities without exception.
Group of Catholic businessman has agreed to join in this campaign of “Evangelization 2000” by establishing CBEG on Friday, March 6, 1992 with the approval of Cardinal Meechai Kijboonchu, Archbishop of the Bangkok Archdiocese who wish to see the of Catholic businessman for a long time.
Catholic Business Executives Group has started to gather the Catholic businessman, executives, entrepreneur, and senior officers of government and other organization who show interest in CBEG’s activity and hold a meeting every 6 weeks. CBEG also provide activities which member can exchange their experiences both in administration and way of living in Thai society, activities to enhance knowledge, belief, and morale, some activities to benefit to society as well as to prepare the new generation to follow through the tasks of CBEG.
At present CBEG has altogether 360 members who rotate to join in the activities, more or less depend on the occasion. We admitted that the number of interested member in our activities has been declined gradually.
At the same time before 1997 there was a survey report of financial status of the organizations, businesses, banks, industries which its ownership / shareholder / executive officer were Catholic said that the total assets of these businesses were as high as 30% of GNP of Thailand in that year. This rate was quite high compare with the number of Catholic of only 0.5% of the population in Thailand. If we consider the number of population living under the poverty line, in 2002 there were families earned their living at less than Baht 922 per month as high as 6.22 million people or 9.76% of the total population.
If the Catholic businessman with their power as much as 30% of GNP of the country can perform their duty aggressively in contributing to aspire for the business world full of Christian spirit which will definitely benefit to our country and our world.
With these reasons, the present Committee has analysed the whole situation and established the plan for short term, medium term, and long term in order to strengthen our Catholic Business Executives Group to be able to support the tasks of Catholic Church and as a part of community which will benefit to the country development and sustainable growth as a whole.
4.  Objectives:
4.1 To be a center for meeting, associating, and synergy of Catholic businessman
4.2 To manage and promote the business relationship among Catholic
4.3 To enhance Christian spirit of member and to build the Christian entity in Catholic businessman in accordance with the bible’s objectives
4.4 To participate and to play a role in world (community) development of Christian spirit as directed by the Vatican Council II and to help recover the society, economics, and politics in accordance with the bible teaching
4.5 To work together for the Church in term of evangelizing and to support the various projects of the local Church
5. Qualifications of Members:
5.1 Catholic businessman (man/woman) who own business, shareholder, or work as an executive.
5.2 Catholic who works for the government or an organization which related to business sector.
5.3 Being an organization or corporate which has interest to perform business as a Catholic
6.Basic idea and Vision of Member:
Role of Catholic Professional as “Co-Builder” and “Coordinator” of God at present Member of CBEG should realize that Christian spirit is a vocation from God to work for him on this earth.
By Baptism, to be a part of Christ’s mission as
-  Priest
-  Preacher
-  King

Member of CBEG should keep in mind that our goal is not this world but as a Christian, our highest goal is the Kingdom of God and in order to achieve this goal, we must follow the words of Christ.-
Member of CBEG, as a laity must play a role in helping the recovery of economy, social, and politics.

So we must perform our duty according to the Mission, doing evangelization, being witness, be “the light of the earth”, and be “the salt of the earth”. Our member should perform these tasks personally, as a group or an organization, etc. At present it is important if we can have a group of two or three people as Christ said “wherever there are two or three people meeting under our name, we will be with them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Moreover, member of CBEG should realize and be conscious about the basic quality of life which will bring good quality of membership of CBEG as follows; Consciousness to Society, Economy, and Politics As a witness to Christ according to the gospel (AA. 6, 13) To join the grief and happiness which means gladness, hope, sadness, and grief of people, especially the poor or other trouble people will be gladness, hope, sadness, and pain to us as a follower to Christ (GS. 1,AG.12)

Document of Vatican Council II

AA. Apostolicam Actuositatem

AG. Ad Gentes

GS. Gaudium et Spes


Personal property also has a social dimension. (GS. 71) Christian who has a role in business sector and in creating justice and love should devote himself/herself for the prosperity of human race and peace of the world. (GS. 72) Being human is more important than property. (GS. 35)

1.Intention to focus on the moral when performing business no matter by technically or practically. (GS.64)

2.Intention to protect human’s dignity

-To expel the unjustice

-To support the inferior (GS.66)

3.Intention to cooperate with everyone to develop a better society. (GS.43)

4.Intention to be a witness about the highest destination of life in the Kingdom of God, even in the place that cannot present. (AG.12)

With the basic of being CBEG membership as mentioned above, it is believed that all members of CBEG will realize about their role, participation, and duties in order to improve and develop our society according to the Bible of Christ by beginning from our community and expand to the bigger society



Interested person with the qualification in No.5 and 6 and has been certified by at least 2 members of CBEG is eligible to apply for a member at Secretary General of Catholic Business Executives Group, locate at No. 57 Oriental Lane, Charoenkrung Road (Charoenkrung 40), Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Tel. 0-2234-1730, 0-2630-7711 Fax. 0-2234-1730

8. Fee and Supporting Fund:
8.1 To collect the donation at the Director’s meeting
8.2 For the special projects of the Church, donation will depend on each member.
9.Structure and Management:
9.1 The management of CBEG are Board of Directors which comprise of Advisor, Executive Directors, Directors, and group representatives.
9.2 All the tasks are managed by Executive Directors which comprise of Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Treasurer.
9.3 When the Chairman almost finishes his term, he will appoint the Nominating Committee which comprise of 5 senior members and Chaplain in order to find the next Chairman and to get approval from Board of Directors’ Meeting before his term-end. If there is a person proposed himself to be Chairman, members must vote for election. The one who gets the highest vote will be the next Chairman. The person who is nominated to be Chairman by the Nominating Committee will be able to nominate the Vice Chairman and Treasurer to take care of the tasks such as Member Relationship, Fund Raising, Public Relations, Activities, and Training, etc. Each of Vice Chairman is able to recruit his/her team to increase efficiency. The Board of Directors may hire an officer to support the office works and activities of CBEG as appropriate. The Chairman who finishes his term will be appointed as Advisor to the new Chairman and Board of Directors for the consistent of work. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Board of Directors may be reappointed at the maximum of 2 times.


In order to manage all the tasks smoothly, the Board of Directors will propose for a priest of one Archdiocese appointed as Chaplain and will be posted at the same time as Board of Directors.


11.Authorization and Duties of Board of Directors/Executive Director:


11.1 The Board of Directors – to set up the policy, plan, and budget in accordance with the objectives and mission of CBEG.
11.2 The Executive Director – to propose plan and budget and to implement the plan and budget which approved by the Board of Directors.
11.2.1 Membership – to find members, to register and update member’s data and to coordinate in providing services to members.
11.2.2 Training – to do research about knowledge in managing business and social teaching of the Church in order to enhance knowledge to members, i.e. publication, internet, seminar, meeting for exchange and share.
11.2.3 Activities – to manage all activities which benefit to members, Church, and society in accordance with the objectives and mission of CBEG.
11.2.4 Public Relations – to give useful information to all members, inform and update news to members, Christian, and the public.
11.2.5 Fund Raising  – to provide sufficient fund to support all activities of CBEG, i.e. collection of membership fee, arrangement of raising fund projects.
Treasurer – to be in charge of receipt and payment of money, accounting works and preparing financial report to all members. Office Manager – to administer and control the officer and office equipments and to support the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Board of Directors on all activities, i.e. meeting, taking minutes of meeting, filing document and data, communicating with members, activities arrangement, receipt and payment of money, and accounting work, making financial report under supervision of Treasurer.
12.Withdrawal of Directors: The Board of Directors will be withdrawn by one of the following reasons;  :-
12.1  Finish the term of being director
12.2  Dead
12.3  Resign
12.4  Resign from being member
12.5  Board of Directors’ resolution of 2/3 to withdraw from director
12.6  Annual General Meeting’s resolution of 2/3 to withdraw from director
13.  Meetings:
13.1  To hold the Annual General Meeting once a year in September and to hold extraordinary meeting as appropriate.
13.2  To hold the Board of Directors’ Meeting quarterly to follow up the progress of activity.
13.3  To hold the Executive Directors’ Meeting monthly to coordinate and follow up the progress of all tasks to be in accordance with the plans, Vice Chairman and his/her team should have meeting to manage all activities according to the plan.
13.4  To hold small group of meetings among member as appropriate.
14.Financial and Accounting:
14.1  All income received as membership fee or from any activities must be deposit with the banks.
14.2  Treasurer will arrange petty cash for sundry expenses within Baht 5,000.
14.3  Treasurer is authorized to pay for regular expenses and expenses occurred from any activity approved by the Board of Directors. Transaction which is not possible to get approval from the Board Meeting, must get approval from Chairman and inform the Board in the next Meeting.
14.4  Payment which exceeds the petty cash will be paid by cheque and signed by Treasurer and either Chairman or Vice Chairman.
14.5  Office Manager must be in charge of income and expenses and send report to Treasurer and report financial status to Board of Directors quarterly. To propose the annual financial status to the Board of Directors quarterly, and to report the financial status which is audited by the authorized auditor to all members in the annual General Meeting.
15. Regulations / Changes of Statute / Close down of CBEG Thailand:
15.1   For the smooth operation, Board of Directors has the authorization to issue any regulations which will not act against this Statute of CBEG Thailand.
15.2   The changes of the Statute of CBEG Thailand must be approved by the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting with the resolution of not less than 2/3 of the directors present at the meeting.
15.3   Closing down of Association must be approved by the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting with the resolution of not less than 4/5 of the directors present at the meeting.
15.4   After the Association has closed down, all the properties will be given to Bangkok Archdioces